The Lost Island
Wind Project

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A Boost for Palo Alto County's Economy

The Lost Island wind project is a proposed 200-megawatt wind energy project located in Palo Alto County, Iowa that will create new economic opportunities,  benefiting everyone who calls Palo Alto County home.

When constructed, the project will create millions of dollars in new property tax revenue, along with many short- and long-term economic opportunities for the entire community. Hundreds of construction jobs, several long-term operations jobs, and millions of dollars in property tax revenue mean a brighter future for all of Palo Alto County.

This project is under development by Steelhead Americas, the North American development arm of Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer and leading service provider. We know the community’s needs must come first for our wind projects to be successful. We’re determined to listen to all perspectives, and we believe strongly in fostering long-term relationships with the people we serve.  

Million Dollars in Tax Revenue
Million Dollars in Overall Capital Investment
Construction Jobs
Wind Project
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Committed to Serving Communities

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Healthy Economies

The project is in a portion of Palo Alto County that is primarily used for farming and ranching. The project will contribute to the economic stability and future of farming and ranching families by providing a reliable stream of alternative income.

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Responsible Land Use

The project prioritizes community safety and wellbeing. By incorporating responsible siting techniques and best management practices, the Frost-area community will be adequately safeguarded during construction and operations. Wind turbines and their access roads occupy a modest percentage of the leased land, allowing farmers to continue growing crops such as corn and cotton, or continue raising livestock.

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Community Investment

As part of Steelhead and Vestas’ commitment to local communities, the company works with local leaders and community groups to find ways that the project can support programs and areas in need. Vestas’ Service Site Community Fund is one of many ways the company seeks to give back to the communities where it works.

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Reliability & Safety

The Lost Island Wind Project is a substantial investment in the Iowa electrical grid and helps support the resiliency of the power supply for consumers across the State. Safety is at the core of Vestas’ mission and is a centerpiece of each step of the development process.

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Environmental Protection

Compared to other forms of energy, wind farms have among the fewest environmental impacts. We conduct studies and work with local agencies to site projects in a way that minimizes impacts to wildlife & the environment.

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Wind farms can provide reliable energy to households and businesses for 30 years or more. Lease documents, governmental agreements, and company commitments provide a guarantee that at the end of the life of project, the site will be returned to its original condition and the community will not be left paying for its removal.