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Lost Island Wind

200 Megawatts of Renewable Energy in Palo Alto County

Innovation and advances in wind turbine technology have allowed wind projects to expand to new regions with lower wind speeds, bringing Palo Alto County an untapped opportunity. The project will bring a new source of income that brings economic benefits to all parts of the community, while helping maintain farming ways of life - the primary industry in Palo Alto County.

Wind, like any other crop, can be harvested by farmers. Turbines generate a regular cash stream for landowners, providing a supplemental income and increased financial security. Wind turbines and access roads occupy a minimal percentage of the leased land, allowing farmers to continue growing crops or raising livestock at a wind farm site.  

By mixing a wide spectrum of development expertise with Vestas’ leading technology, Steelhead is committed to bringing the benefits of clean energy to the local community.

Lost Island Wind is currently in the development phase. During the time Steelhead and its partners are conducting a variety of studies and analyses to ensure a responsibly sited project. We are actively meeting with landowners, community members, local government, and organizations to share information about the project.

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Vestas wind turbines will be installed, generating 200 megawatts (MW) of affordable, clean energy.


Construction is targeted to begin in 2024


This is enough electricity to power 90,000 American homes each year.

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Property Tax Revenue

Lost Island Wind will yield tens of millions of dollars in additional property tax revenue for Palo Alto County over the 30-year life span of the project, providing long-term funding for schools, hospitals, roads, public safety services, and other county priorities.

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Overall Capital Investment

The overall capital investment of the Lost Island Wind Project will be approximately $295 million.

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Employment Opportunities

Lost Island Wind will create many local employment opportunities, including 300 construction jobs and several well-paying, long-term career opportunities to help maintain and operate the turbines.

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Local Spending

Lost Island Wind will bring new economic opportunities to Palo Alto County, including new business opportunities for local contractors and trade professionals as well as increased patronage of restaurants and local services.